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Permissions and Privacy
United Church of Canada Policy on Privacy:
The United Church of Canada has developed a Privacy Standards Policy based upon the principles of PIPEDA 2000 c.5, for detailed information please visit: http://www.united-church.ca/privacy-statement.

It is the position of the United Church of Canada that photographs in the possession of the Church and transferred to the Archives were originally created and collected for the use of publications or for other communications purposes. As such, digitizing archival images for education and research is a reasonable extension of the original purpose the photos were created for.

Photos donated to the Archives from personal collections have transferred copyright to the Archives for the images. Images that are still under copyright may be used online at the discretion the Archives, or the original donor if copyright was not transferred. The images on this site are in the public domain (prior to 1949). Images later than 1949 are under copyright of The United Church of Canada Archives. Please contact the archives for permission to publish any images in publications, displays or exhibitions: archive@upanddownthecoast.ca

There are few names of students and individuals in our images. If you identify yourself in an image and do NOT wish it to be publicly available, please contact the Archives. While this project is attempting to make public the photographic records of The United Church Archives we understand that some individuals may not wish to have images of themselves available online. If you have any corrections about images or descriptions on this site please do contact us.